Global Information Technology Talent Domain

Providing top human IT Talent for digital business needs. Our firm has over 30 years recruiting expertise. Procuring the world’s best talents for exciting and challenging new client projects.

Hire Top Talent


Our work opportunities provide an ideal environment for candidates seeking to gain experience in top industries while working with the latest technologies.


Having vast elite networks of IT talent enable us to quickly and successfully support our client’s most demanding and unique needs.


Possessing top technical skills, education, work experiences, training and self-motivated personal growth experiences put our candidates in a special and highly sought niche. 


Searching and supporting across all continents, we are not limited to any geographic boundaries.

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Before the Interview

Prepare for an interview by reviewing your resume. Be prepared for questions on all aspects of your job experience. You want to be able to describe your accomplishments in terms that demonstrate what your contribution was and how that contribution was part of the success of the projects you were involved with at the client/company. Be able to speak to your strengths and how they contributed to the development work in a positive way. Be ready to describe your own professional development in the IT world that shows that you would be an asset to their organization.

Learn everything you can about the company you will be interviewing with from both your recruiter, the salesperson and on your own. You can do an online search about the company itself and also the person/people you will be interviewing with. If you are on LinkedIn look for the interviewer/s and also see if you can find some of the other people on the project or in the department where the job opportunity is located. This will allow you to ask better questions about the position.

Be well rested and well prepared so you feel confident. Your confidence will allow you to feel upbeat about the meeting even if you feel a bit nervous. Employers appreciate positive attitudes and confidence.

Always wear business attire for interviews even in a casual IT environment. It will demonstrate that you are serious about the opportunity. If and when you are hired let your new employer tell you if business casual attire is appropriate

Prepare a thoughtful email and ask your recruiter to forward it to the client. It should express your appreciation for the interviewer’s time and demonstrate your interest in the position.